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Travel on a sea kayak holiday with DBP Adventures and have an unforgettable experience...... Read more

Travel on a sea kayak holiday with DBP Adventures and have an unforgettable experience!

Sea kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and we can easily understand why! It’s a very special experience that you can choose your route through islands and seas, while you can see the landscape still gliding past on the horizon.

We have found a great place in Croatia that has everything we like, on a journey on the sea. Scenic areas, historical experiences, turquoise waters and not least the local atmosphere and the food we are served. We live on the island of Molat, which is close to the town of Zadar.

In addition to the mainland, Croatia consists of many small islands, both inhabited and uninhabited. Each island tells its own story. The best way to visit as many of them as possible is on a week-long sea kayak trip. It was on this round trip that the passion for sea kayaking arose and the trip became a regular travel offer at DBP Adventures. Since then, for the past three years, we have been arranging sea kayak trips to fantastic Croatia, which still continues to impress us.


A trip for everyone regardless of age and level

Our sea kayak trips are for you who like to be active on holiday and enjoy paddling around in beautiful surroundings. It is a form of holiday where everyone, from very young to a little older, can have an eventful, pleasant and active holiday where you get close to nature.

The round trip is designed to make the most of every day you are in place. You have the opportunity to travel with the whole family, travel with a friend, partner or travel on your own. There can be up to eight people in each group. There are therefore good opportunities to create many good travel memories together with your loved ones or some new acquaintances.

Beginners or experienced – our certified instructors are ready to help you

Handling a sea kayak is something most people can do after a short time at sea and there are no specific requirements for age or that you have tried it before.

DBP Adventures offers two different types of kayaking trips. They are both based on the same return trip, but at selected times of the year we also offer that you can take a sea kayak course EPP 2 and thus come home with a course certificate after the trip.

Our guides are trained in Ireland, where you will find some of the most difficult conditions, which makes our guides extremely skilled. They are certified by Canoeing Ireland Kayaking School. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, our guides can definitely guide you to have a fantastic experience on the water and make you an even better kayaker.

Travel with us and get a lifelong experience

Join us when we visit Croatia again and see the country’s fantastic landscape from sea level. Above you can see and get more information about our sea kayak trip and book your next experience DBP Adventures.

We are convinced that you will have a fantastic trip and come home with many exciting experiences in your luggage.

We look forward to sending you on new adventures!