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Travel with DBP Adventures to the off-piste and feel the adrenaline.

We love off-piste and snow that is untouched. We have been around the world and selected some completely unique areas that for us are absolutely ideal for what we love most, namely finding first tracks and untouched terrain.

We have gathered all the good things in off-piste skiing / snowboarding – from cat-skiing, heli-skiing, ski touring, freeriding – all filled with lots of adventures!

What is Cat-ski?

We started in pristine North Macedonia with cat-ski. North Macedonia is a paradise for off-piste skiing and especially cat-skiing. In its simplicity, the concept is to designate a mountaintop you want to explore, after which you take the journey up the mountain with a piste preparation machine – also called a “cat” – which has been rebuilt to transport passengers. In that way you can explore new terrain and avoid narrow slopes and queues at the ski lifts.

Cat-skiing is quite expensive around the world, but in North Macedonia everyone can go with it. In 2020, we expanded with another destination in cat-skiing, namely the fantastic area of ​​Bakhmaro in Georgia.


The term heli-ski is an abbreviation for “helicopter skiing” and as the name suggests, you will be picked up and transported up the mountain by helicopter. The benefits of this type of off-piste skiing are; no queue at ski lifts, you have the mountain to yourself and you can start running on mountain tops that otherwise would not be possible to get close without a helicopter.

All in all, one can undoubtedly describe a heli-ski holiday as the ultimate off-piste ski holiday, where everything is at a higher level. We work with well-trained mountain guides in Iceland and Canada who have the most important task of ensuring safety.

Cat-ski and heli-ski are for you who want a completely unique off-piste experience and get an adrenaline rush on unexplored slopes.

Ski touring

Ski touring is another form of off-piste skiing, where the trip up the mountain takes place with special boots and equipment.

Ski touring is for the trained skier who wants to push his physical limits and enjoys the pain from the lactic acid that bites the thigh muscles. The slightly harder hike up the mountain is well worth the effort, as you then get to enjoy a fantastic skiing downhill, in a terrain of your choice.

We have trips to both North Macedonia (where you also get some help from the “cat”) and Sogndal, Norway.

Do I have to be a very experienced skier to go off-piste?

Off-piste skiing is undoubtedly hard physical work. We therefore strongly recommend that you have a good basic strength, can ski on a controlled and fast way down, both in red and black slopes, and have experience of off-piste skiing before you go out in cat-ski and heli-ski. Once you happen to throw yourself into unfamiliar surroundings and have no control over the gear and the physical presence of the deep snow, it can feel impossibility to complete the descent and you can put both yourself and others in danger.

If you are unsure if your level is good enough, you are very welcome to contact us at, and we will be happy to help assess if we think that you are ready for heli-skiing or if you might get more from another off-piste experience.

Every season we arrange our development trips in North Macedonia, where you can learn to stand on the off-piste or get even better. Our instructors are all trained from the Danish ski school and give you tips and tricks in the off-piste.

Book your next skiing holiday with DBP Adventures and have an unforgettable experience in the mountains.

Join us when we once again click on the skis and feel the freshly fallen snow under the planks and boards. Whether you like regular skiing or off-piste skiing, we have something for you!

Here above you can see all our ski holidays and book your next trip in the mountains together with DBP Adventures. In addition to the mentioned destinations, we also have trips to Japan, La Grave, Engelberg, our very popular road trip around Canada and our latest concept “the hunt for the best snow”. All with the perfect conditions for perfect skiing and snowboarding.

We are convinced that you will have a fantastic trip and come home with many exciting experiences in your luggage.

We look forward to sending you on new adventures!