Off-piste & cat-ski | Development Week | North Macedonia

Get better at off-piste skiing with our talented instructors at our development week and explore the mountains in North Macedonia with “Cat”!

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Off-piste differs significantly from traditional slopes, and here you have the opportunity to travel on our development week in North Macedonia. We have some of the most skilled ski instructors who will give you the tips and tricks you want, on how to get better at off-piste skiing!

Our instructors are highly trained through the Danish ski school, and they have countless ski seasons behind them, which has given them a great teaching experience. They have lots of experience in off-piste teaching and they have the necessary techniques to develop your off-piste skiing significantly. Enjoy the off-piste and the fantastic nature in an area where you do not have to “fight” with other tourists for the delicious off-piste powder snow.

It was in North Macedonia that it all started ten years ago with DBP Adventures, when we were looking for an area where we could have the mountain to ourselves and get our first tracks in the snow. North Macedonia does not have a lift system, but instead we are transported around in a cat, which is a piste machine with a box on the back and that house 16 persons up the mountain. Cat-skiing in North Macedonia is significantly cheaper than in the rest of the world and therefore most people can manage the economy.

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January – March
Beginner – experienced
5 or 8 nights
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Full pension

Transfer to / from Skopje, all the time

Catski with mountain guide

Skiing in a completely deserted mountain area

Safety equipment (“beeper”, sond and showel)

> 2400 altitude meters on average every day

Teaching of a Danish instructor

Access to pool and sauna

Farewell dinner in Skopje

10€ per day for the preservation of their national park

Member of The Travel Guarantee Fund (Rejsegarantifonden)

Best price guarantee

Airline tickets

Extra fee single bedroom

Avalanche backpack rental (extra)

Do you have any questions? – Call us!
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Day 1 – Arrival day:

1: Our driver is ready at Skopje airport and drives you to the hotel (regardless of arrival time).
2: Welcome meeting and safety review.

Day 2-4 or 2-6:

1: After breakfast, preparation for catskiing.
2: Training in the off-piste all day incl. beeper/sond training on the first run.
3: Cozy dinner.
4: Theory instructions.

Day 5 or 7:

1: After breakfast, preparation for cat-skiing.
2: Training in the off-piste all day.
3: Overnight stay & farewell dinner in Skopje.

Day 6 or 8 – Departure day:

1: You will be picked up and driven to the airport so that you can reach your flight.

Thank you for the journey together and we hope to see you soon again!

Do you have any questions? – Call us!
+45 31 60 04 07
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Learn the right off-piste techniques

The mountain range we are in is called Shar Planina. It covers an area of ​​1,600 square kilometers, with the highest peak being 2,747 meters above sea level. The tree line is at an altitude of 1,700 meters, which gives several different conditions. At the top there is a large open area, after which gradually more trees come as you go down to the bottom. The first 1,000 meters are completely without trees. The area below the tree line offers good opportunities to ski between the trees, which is also an advantage if the weather is foggy. The advantage of this is that the trees provide a contrast so you can navigate by them.

The Shar Planina mountain range is described as old in relation to, for example, the Alps. The combination of time, weather and wind has “worn” the mountain range, it has made the mountains more oval than many other mountain ranges. This means that there are many different slopes for all levels. This means that no matter what peak you are on, you will always be able to choose whether you want a steep and challenging slope or a more flat and easier slope.

We live in a small town in the valley under very “North Macedonian conditions” – the hotel is not flashy, but it is a cultural experience like no other and the atmosphere is great. On average, our guests withdraw 60 EUR from the ATM at the airport – everything is pretty cheap here.

Do you have any questions? – Call us!
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