When traveling with DBP-Adventures | De Brede Planker ApS (DBP) applies the following conditions:
Please read the travel conditions carefully before booking the trip.

You book the trip on the website or by phone. Once the trip has been booked, we will send an invoice + booking confirmation to the e-mail address you enter. Make sure that all travel data and prices correspond to your booking. Payment can be made by e.g., Visa card or a bank transfer.

The deposit is 20% of the totalt price. Deposit and any insurance must be paid no later than 48 hours after receipt of invoice + booking confirmation. When paying a deposit, the registration is binding, and the individual travel participants hereby confirm that they have read and accepted the relevant conditions for the trip.

The balance must be received by DBP without request no later than 45 days before departure. Otherwise, DBP has the right to cancel the trip and the deposit is lost. If the trip is booked less than 45 days before departure, the full amount of the trip must be paid immediately.

Prices and changes
Change of departure date or destination can be made up to 60 days before departure, if there are available places at the desired destination. If changes are not possible and the trip must therefore be canceled, the general cancellation policy applies. Changes can be made up to 60 days before departure against payment of a handling fee.

DBP has the right to change the price of a trip due to changes in exchange rates, taxes and fees, oil prices, etc. However, the price change will not be possible later than 20 days before departure.

Cancellation of the trip
If it becomes necessary to cancel the trip, DBP must receive a written cancellation by e-mail at travel@dbpadventures.com. This must always be done before the trip begins. When canceling the trip, the following rules and deadlines apply:

  • If the trip is canceled more than 60 days before departure, the deposit will be lost.
  • If the trip is canceled between 30 and 60 days before departure, 50% of the total price of the trip will be lost.
  • If you cancel less than 30 days before departure, the entire price of the trip will be lost.
  • If you arrive late at the agreed meeting place on departure, you will not be able to expect any form of compensation.
  • If a travel participant who wants to cancel can find another person who wants to take over the booking, this can be arranged.

Organizer’s cancellation of a trip
The travel agency has the right to cancel a trip or a partial event if the number of registrations 14 days before departure is less than 75% of the number of seats that the travel agency has available at the current departure. In this case, the travel participants must be informed by telephone or in writing as soon as possible. If the travel participant suffers losses due to the travel agency’s changes or cancellations, this must be refunded if this is not due to:

  1. Too few registrations.
  2. The travel participant’s own circumstances.
  3. External circumstances (force majeure).
  4. The travel agency can cancel this no later than five working days after booking the trip if the travel agency’s local partner at the destination does not confirm the booking of the accommodation. If the agency has to cancel the trip, this must be done by phone or in writing by e-mail as soon as possible and no later than 5 working days after booking.

The organizer’s responsibility
DBP cannot be held responsible for unused holiday activities including pre-booked lift passes, lost revenue, transportation costs from the airport etc. due to delays due to force majeure, weather or other circumstances beyond the organizer’s control.

DBP also reserves the right to change the time of return due to weather and / or traffic conditions, without the traveler being entitled to any form of compensation for unused holiday activity.

All participation in events, arranged or referred by DBP, takes place at the traveler’s own expense and risk. DBP will never be held liable for damages incurred, to own or third parties as well as property damage.

In addition, DBP cannot be held responsible for luggage or effects lost or damaged during transport.

In addition, you must contact your own insurance company in the event of loss or damage to luggage, which is directly due to negligence on the part of our carriers.

Travel participants should ensure that they are adequately covered, in the event of loss or damage to luggage throughout the trip. This is either through your own insurance or by taking out travel insurance.

DBP’s responsibility
DBP is responsible and liable for damages according to the industry’s normal rules and standards.

DBP cannot be held responsible for the closure of the ski area or parts thereof due to too little or too much snow, avalanches, wind or the like. All traffic in the ski area is at your own risk.

The traveler is not compensated for program changes due to rules from the authorities in the country in question e.g., rules that lead to cancellation of e.g., guidance, teaching, etc.

Special requests
DBP tries as far as possible to meet specifics inquiries, which are stated when booking the trip e.g., place of apartment or room number, but DBP cannot guarantee this and cannot be held responsible if a request cannot be complied with. Special agreements that are not attached to the travel document are irrelevant to the agency.

The traveler’s responsibility
Travel participants must follow the instructions to complete the trip, as decided by the DBP or its representatives, as well as the airlines and bus companies. The travel participant must respect the booking rules, which are established for the sake of transport, to and from the destination as well as for stays in hotels, apartments etc.

Serious or repeated violation of this can lead to expulsion from a travel company and / or hotel / apartment, so additional stays and return trips must be made at your own expense.

The traveler is liable for damages in accordance with general compensation rules for damages caused to DBP, its representatives and others with whom DBP cooperates. DBP also has the right to withdraw the deposit for the apartment / cottage / hotel room in whole or in part if the above is violated. All residents of an apartment / cottage / hotel room are jointly and severally liable for any damage to the accommodation.

The traveler is responsible for having a valid passport and possibly visa, and the traveler is responsible for all expenses incurred due to deficiencies in these formalities.

The traveler has an obligation to stay informed with DBP’s representatives or through messages at the destination about the time of return. We recommend that you contact DBP’s local representative 24 hours before your planned return trip to confirm the time for this. For destinations without a local representative, you can call the emergency number provided in the travel information.

Complaints during a trip must be made immediately to the travel guide or a representative of DBP, so we have the opportunity to repair the damage. If there is no representative from DBP, complaints must be directed to our office. If, after the end of the trip, the traveler still believes that he or she has something to complain about, this must be notified to DBP in writing no later than three weeks after returning home.

Cancellation insurance
DBP recommends that you have a cancellation insurance that can be applied in case of illness, which is your guarantee that in case of your own or close relatives’ illness until the time of departure, you can get the amount back without any deduction other than the cancellation insurance itself, which applies in case of illness.

Your safety
DBP is affiliated with the statutory travel guarantee fund.

CVR number: 36062541

Travel Guarantee Fund membership number: 2558