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Learn to tame the wind and use it for an action-packed experience with DBP Adventures on the water .

Kitesurfing is a water sport that combines the best elements of surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing at the same time. All you need for kitesurfing is a kite, a board, wind and water. Waves are therefore not a must as opposed to surfing without a kite, where this is a crucial factor for the sport.

There are even many different styles of kitesurfing that you can explore. The most common style for beginners is the popular freeride style, but first and foremost, the basics must of course be in place.

We strongly recommend that you take a kitesurfing course before jumping into the water on your own, which we also offer at all our kitesurfing destinations. As a beginner, you should expect your learning to take about three days to complete and then we recommend that you still have someone with you, who has control over the sport and who can take you if you encounter unexpected challenges.

There are of course different kitesurfing courses, but we have chosen to cooperate with kitesurfing camps in Turkey, Portugal and on Zanzibar, where the wind is more stable and the temperature more manageable.

DBP Adventures offer travels for everyone, whether you are a beginner or have many years of experience as a kitesurfer.

Kitesurfing is basically a sport that everyone can participate in. As with so many other sports, however, it is obvious that the better shape you are in, the easier the sport will be. Nevertheless, it is far from a requirement to be in good physical shape before you start your kitesurfing adventure. In other words, there are no excuses for not throwing yourself into kitesurfing. Everyone can go and learn kitesurfing. In fact, your ability to coordinate is far more important than your strengths.

Kitesurfing is for you who like adrenaline and action; kitesurfing is said to be the new extreme sport.

We have worked with skilled and qualified instructors who can give the best introduction to kitesurfing, and/or make sure you get even better – and of course give you the necessary safety measures that kitesurfing requires.

“Kitesurfing pearls” in Zanzibar, Portugal and Turkey

We have found the perfect places with the best possible conditions: flat water, long sandy beaches combined with onshore winds that give you the best conditions to learn or get better at kitesurfing.

All destinations are, seen with our eyes, perfect for kitesurfing with conditions that are optimal and thus absolutely perfect for you as a beginner and experienced kitesurfer.

Of course, there are some special features that stand out at each of our destinations:

On Zanzibar you will find the most beautiful surroundings. You get both warm skies and beautiful experiences and then you can even practice regular surfing at the camp, which is a perfect opportunity for you who want to try both types of surfing.

The travel length and the number of teaching hours are flexible and can be adapted to your wishes.

In Portugal you will find the right wind conditions for both surfing and kitesurfing, which makes Portugal a perfect destination if you want to try both types of surfing – just like on Zanzibar. Portugal also caters to all levels so you can easily travel with others who are not on the same level as you.

At our camp in Turkey you will find really beautiful lagoons where the water is completely flat, which makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers who want to practice freestyle tricks. Here you will find stable winds and a pleasantly warm climate, which makes it a popular kitesurfing paradise. The training here is carried out, as at our other destinations, by certified instructors who are approved in accordance with international standards and we guarantee that all safety measures are taken during your holiday here.

All our destinations offer equipment rental. Our professional instructors will help you find the right equipment and guide you on the right path. Here we make sure that you get a good and safe experience with kitesurfing.

Join us and have an unforgettable experience

Travel with us when we visit our kitesurfing camps again and experience the breeze and the waves on a kite board. Here above you can see all our kitesurfing trips and you can book your next experience on the water with DBP Adventures.

We are convinced that you will have a fantastic trip and come home with many exciting experiences in your luggage.

We look forward to sending you on new adventures!