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Get really close to nature and experience an action-packed mountain biking holiday with DBP Adventures!

Mountain biking is for you who love to be close to nature and at the same time want an action-packed experience with a high level of adrenaline.

Fantastic mountain bike trails in Italy, France and North Macedonia.

We have found the perfect places in Italy, France and North Macedonia, where there are mountain bike routes for both beginners and the experienced. Whether you like technically demanding single tracks that meander down into the mountains or large wide paths where there are no great demands on technical ingenuity, Italy, France and North Macedonia have what you are looking for!

Finale Ligure, Italy
Back in the 80s, Finale Ligure was known as a climbing mecca, today it is according to Red Bull in the top 5 of the world’s best mountain bike destinations and then it is one of the few places in the world where the MTB season and the outdoor activities last almost all year.

Final Ligure has a fantastic landscape, with slopes, cliff tops and deep valleys which are popular with local leisure enthusiasts. There are many hundreds of kilometers of mountain bike routes and not least a myriad of active experiences.

We arrange both development week with our local mountain guide Louise Paulin who is also an Enduro World Series (EWS) racer and 2019 master world champion – but also a mountain bike holiday for the whole family.

In France we arrange trips to Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc. Here we take a tour of the huge Mont Blanc with the most beautiful panoramic views with accommodation along the mountain. The routes can be challenging, but also accessible to both beginners and the experienced.

You will experience small idyllic mountain villages, scenic areas, rock caves, legendary glaciers and not least challenging but accessible mountain bike routes. We ride E-mountain bikes which makes the trip a little easier and you do not have to be in great shape before departure, but we recommend that you have some experience of cycling a mountain bike.

North Macedonia
After many years in North Macedonia’s beautiful mountains with skis and snowboards under our feet, we have now arranged an E-mountain biking holiday during the summer. North Macedonia offers an absolutely fantastic nature, which forms the basis of the perfect mountain bike conditions. We drive around the mountains of North Macedonia, visit the locals, experience the fantastic gastronomy and sleep in cozy and charming hotels around the mountain and in the valley.

On our trips we drive in Mavrovo National Park, Galicica National Park, Mount Jablanca and Mount Vodno. E-Mountain bike in North Macedonia is for you who love nature experiences and want the mountain for yourself.

Normal mountain bike or e-mountain bike? We have both!

It is possible to ride both regular mountain bikes and e-mountain bikes depending on preferences. E-mountain bikes are fantastic because we can get further on our tours and see more of the terrain. They also help you get there faster, as it means you do not have to step on the pedals yourself as much. You get plenty of training regardless of whether you choose a regular or electric mountain bike.

For some, e-mountain biking can be described as a sport for the lazy, because you get help on the road by bike and thus are not as challenged on fitness as on a regular mountain bike. Seen with our eyes, e-mountain biking is much more than a lazy version of mountain biking. Therefore, we have gathered 3 good reasons to choose a holiday on e-mountain biking.

E-mountain bike eliminates level differences
With e-mountain biking, it is now possible to practice the sport together despite different levels. Before e-mountain biking, it was mainly homogeneous groups that were seen on mountain bikes in the mountains. Often the same age and condition. It was thus unrealistic that two with different strengths could climb the same mountain peaks on the bike at the same pace. It eliminates e-mountain biking and you thus do not have to take into account level differences, which opens up more options when you need to find your mountain bike partner.

Optimal stability and control with an e-mountain bike
When you ride a bike, you quickly become out of breath. Even well-trained athletes who do not normally ride mountain bikes. Well tired in the head and with a high heart rate, you fight your way to the top of the mountain on a regular mountain bike. In these cases, the body does not get much oxygen and this load can cost a lot of energy, which is not necessarily the goal or intention of a mountain bike trip that lasts several hours.

By riding an e-mountain bike, on the other hand, you get the perfect help for stability. This means that you get the opportunity for a healthier and more efficient fat burning with aerobic training, which means a more even load throughout the trip. If you sometimes want to feel like you’re living with a pulse, you can just turn off the engine for a moment.

The uphill makes e-mountain biking extra fun
This benefit hardly comes as a surprise. But it’s wonderful when you get to the top of the mountain on the bike without getting wet from sweat. Another important advantage is also the small bumps and obstacles that can be on the way up the mountain that you easily and elegantly climb on an e-mountain bike. You can even easily start on a steep slope, which has its advantages.

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