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Experience heli-skiing, Northern Lights and a fantastic off-piste in Iceland – an adventure for the active and hungry nature enthusiasts!

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Heli-skiing is the ultimate form of off-piste skiing. You are completely independent from the lifts when you fly to the mountain top by helicopter. The trip is for the adventurous skier, who is looking for absolute world-class skiing. Join us in Iceland for a fantastic skiing experience. Go straight from the top of the mountain all the way down to the sea!

On this skiing holiday, it is not only the descent that is a fantastic experience, but also the trip up to the top in the heli! For most people, the helicopter ride is as great an experience as skiing. On the way up you have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature and plan the next descent.

We live in a cozy little lodge located 45 minutes outside Akureyri, which is the fourth largest city on Iceland. It is possible to see the Northern lights in February and March.

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February – June
A little experienced – Experienced
5 days
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Overnight at Klængshóll Lodge

Full pension including soft drinks

Access to the cottage’s facilities

4 hours flight time per person or 20,000 altitude meters per day

Exclusive access to the longest slopes

Best mountain guides and pilots in Iceland

Ski rental

Avalanche safety course

Avalanche safety gear

Member of The Travel Guarantee Fund (Rejsegarantifonden)

Best price guarantee

Airline tickets

Transfer to and from the airport

Extra full lift 22500 altitude meters for 1 hour (optional)

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Day 1 – Arrival day:

1: Arrival to Iceland.
2: Review of the upcoming days + safety.

Day 2-4:

1: Off-piste skiing, like you have never tried it before.
2: Enormous nature experience.
3: Dinner, sauna & chill.

Day 5:

1: Pack our luggage.
2: Last day with heli-skiing.
3: Go home with great and life long memories!

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The cottage you live in is located about 45 minutes from Akureyri, which is the fourth largest city in Iceland. The cottage is built in traditional Icelandic style, it helps to provide a cozy, unique and almost homely atmosphere. In addition, there is a wide range of facilities available, including a spa and sauna, so you can truly enjoy your holiday.

The ski terrain is huge, it stretches over more than 4,000 square kilometers, the longest slopes have up to 1,500 vertical meters. The terrain offers everything from challenging hooves to large open glaciers.

With a geographical location just below the Arctic Circle, mountains that rise directly from the sea and fantastic slopes, the area has the potential to provide an off-piste holiday that will be a memory for life. It is possible to ski from the top of the mountain and all the way down to the water and then it is even possible to do so with light from the midnight sun.

Not only that, due to Iceland’s geographical location, you can even experience the Northern Lights, volcanic activity, hot geysers and lava landscapes. All this makes Iceland the perfect off-piste destination.

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Morten Benn

9 July 2020

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